The one thing that heals all


Ever wonder if there was one thing that could alleviate our challenges?

Well, it’s something I’ve spent the last 15 years looking for.

From the rain forests of Costa Rica, to the Sierra Blanca peaks of Peru, to the castles of France, to the Basque country of Spain, to the great healers of Brazil, to the volcanoes of Hawaii-

It’s been a long and winding trek, both inside and out.

Having worked directly with prolific guru’s like James O’Dea, and Sequoyah Trueblood, and been through a coaching certification program by Tony Robbins, I’ve had the great fortune to explore personal growth from the psycho-therapeutic approach, the meditative approach as well as the indigenous Shamanic approach.

Whether I was walking barefoot on hot coals during a Native American Fire Walk, fasting from food and water while on a 4 day Vision Quest, meditating for ten hours a day during a ten-day, silent meditation retreat, or uncovering and healing the repressed parts of myself in a personal growth retreat, the results have been profound.

Here’s the thing though…

It’s impossible to grow or heal one part of our lives, and it not have an impact on other areas of our lives as well.

That would be like saying that I’m going to lose weight and the only result is that I have less fat on my body.

Of course, our heart is going to function better; our cholesterol will likely be better; our energy will increase; our joints will be less stressed; etc…

Pretty great, actually!

And this is exactly why clients and participants of my courses have reported such dramatic shifts in many areas of their lives.

Ya know, we just finished up the Finally Finding The ONE course a couple weeks ago, and I’m still hearing fantastic reports of transformation.

From amazing new job offers with significant increases in salary, to dramatically increased confidence and self trust, to quitting smoking or drinking alcohol daily, overcoming depression, and even the disappearance of migraines and relief from insomnia, the results are across the board.

And of course… a couple participants have even Found The ONE already!

So, what is it that could have a transformative impact on so many areas of our lives?

Self Love.


And How??

Well, as you’ve probably heard through medical science, or intuitively know, we all have a strong mind-body connection.

Meaning that it’s no surprise that someone could have physical healing when there is significant emotional healing.

If we look at it from the psycho-therapeutic approach we can understand the depths to which self love heals.

The famous psychiatrists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud both spoke about our “shadow” as a fundamental reason for our challenges in life.

Our shadows are the repressed and unaccepted parts of ourselves that we’ve been unable to look at.

We’ve basically hidden them from our conscious minds view because we feel too guilty and shameful about them.

Our guilt and shame is so pervasive for so many of us that it infects most areas of our lives- whether we are conscious of it or not. Most of it, we are not conscious of…

And what transforms guilt and shame?

Self Love.

If you’ve read my story, you know that I needed a lot of self love to come back from the deep hole I was in..

When we love ourselves we are accepting and appreciating ourselves. And when we do that we heal our guilt and shame which allows us to heal our shadows and transform our lives.

As we heal our shadows we naturally increase our self worth which allows us to attract better opportunities for work, a relationship and life in general.

Self love is the most potent healer.

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