How to STOP being Needy

A couple days ago, I was thinking about how different my life is since I’ve been able to get my own neediness under control.

It can be such a challenging aspect of ourselves to really understand and release for a healthy relationship.

I know how neediness can feel so much “bigger than our ability to stop it” too.

There’s even an entire therapeutic model based on it.

Unfortunately, in most cultures, women tend to get labeled “needy”.

It’s such an easy label for a guy to throw around rather than taking a deeper look at himself.

Neediness can show up in many different forms, not just the typical…

“I need to spend more time with you”


“I need to be overly emotional to get your attention”

The opposite of these can also be true-

“I need a lot of space”

This is a big one for many men. We’ve all heard the phrase “Man-Cave”, right?

It’s not to say that healthy alone time isn’t a fundamental piece of a relationship, but when it’s excessive and being used to keep ourselves from being vulnerable, expressing our feelings, or avoidance, then it’s UN-healthy.

And many men also “need” to feel needed by a women. This is a profound one that often slips under the radar.

I created this short animated video on how to stop our neediness you’ll definitely want to check out.

It’s super easy to apply so we can begin to STOP our NEEDINESS in it’s tracks.

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