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“Tim’s diverse reach and impressive results are indicative of significant mastery.”

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The creator of Knight School, Boys to MENtor, The Accelerated Abundance Community, and Got Self Love, Tim Hastings has been facilitating, coaching, organizing and participating in personal growth intensives for the last 15 years.

With his extensive and dynamic background, Tim has discovered the single reason that most personal growth approaches don’t work. And why they often leave us with a quick high afterward which usually fades to feelings of frustration and overwhelm.

Imagine that you’ve had a series of relationships that never worked out to be the relationship of your dreams. And you finally take a course on relationships where you discover that you’ve been giving too much in your previous relationships. It’s relieving to finally know what the underlying challenge is, but they didn’t provide you with the keys to shift it. Now it’s even more frustrating because you watch yourself do it, without the ability to stop yourself!

Tim will share this single most important element that has led participants and clients from the East Coast to Alaska, to Finally Find The One, as well as dramatically increase their financial abundance, become more confident and trusting in themselves, and even overcome depression. You can read more about their experiences here

To learn more about how Tim has been dousing raging fires and rescuing felines from tall trees you can check out his Bio Page.*

*Disclaimer: While Tim was a wild land Firefighter, he has never actually rescued a kitten from a tree.

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