There are two points in the visualization where you’ll recall a particular time in your life.

1- The first of these you’ll recall a time, a place or experience when you felt happy. If the happy memory brings up sadness (like it was when you were with a loved one who passed or a former partner), then don’t use it because it may trigger other emotions.

It can be as simple as a funny joke someone told you, or something a child did. We’re creating the feelings of happiness by remembering a good experience we had.

2- The second event you’ll recall will be a time when you felt your most empowered, strongest and energized. Maybe you graduated from school; achieved success in a sporting competition; gave birth; got a new job you really wanted…

You’re recalling the energy you felt in that moment. How amazing did you feel? What did you see, feel, hear and experience during this time?

Final Notes:

The recording has Binaural Beats (background music) in it, which works to connect the right and left hemispheres of our brains making our brains more functional. It also allows for the verbiage to sink in to our subconscious mind.

For this reason, it’s IMPORTANT  that you wear stereo headphones while listening to this recording.

– It’s tuned to 432hz frequency. You can read about that HERE.

– You’ll use your Specific Appreciation in the visualization, so it will be good to have that in memory to recite.

-This track is for our group only. Please keep this page PRIVATE for those in our group.


Manifestation Visualization