I’ve gone through big shifts every now and then. In 1992 I lost my mom and became a fierce warrior wanting not just to survive, but to succeed. In 2008 I became a mom myself and this made me a lioness willing to do anything to protect her family and children. So I did. I stepped on my soul and my deepest needs and desires.

“I over-gave, left my dreams aside…”

My frustration increased progressively because I couldn’t fulfill them on my own. Or at least I thought I couldn’t do it on my own. I forgot about myself and took care mostly of my husband and children. All this, plus what my husband wished for his own life, led to years of suffering (for both of us) and a divorce.

When synchronicity led me to Tim’s class I was 7 months into my divorce and trying to find ways to rebuild myself from scratch, to find out who I really was and finally be the one I wanted to be. I was doing something for myself this time. I was taking care of my body, mind and soul.

Still, I needed much more to reach that inner state I was looking for. It was really hard to go through the divorce from a man I’ve loved with all my heart and soul. I’ve always considered him ‘the one and only’, ‘the one I couldn’t live without’.

After me and my husband decided to divorce I knew that if I wanted a different outcome next time, I would have to learn the lessons from the past. I had to make all the changes necessary inside and outside to be the one I wanted to be. Only then I would be able to attract and have the relationship I wanted with the man for me.

At least I should do my best even if that man never came. First, I had to do something to fight the depression and anxiety I’ve been living with for years.. Actually, it didn’t matter if and when the man came. I was really trying to find myself, not a man. I didn’t even know who I was anymore.
Tim’s class came at the right time and in the right place. And he is the right person to teach it. Learning to love myself at the highest and healthiest level possible has been the cornerstone of every amazing thing that happened on my personal and professional level during and after the class.

“For the first time in my life I was not willing to give up myself anymore no matter what”

The more I listened to Tim and practiced self-love the more I realized that if I fall apart inside, everything around me falls apart and my children suffer too. Now the lessons of love that I heard in time became part of me. I began to understand what it really feels like when you start with yourself. It’s a huge difference from how I saw love before and how I see it now.

Tim’s visualizations helped me go deeper into my past and traumas. I started healing myself and my relationships one by one. ALL my relationships started to improve even if I hadn’t taken action in real life, in all of them. My ex and I have now the best relationship one can have as divorced parents.

My attitude towards myself and others has always been the key to making relationships work or ending them in the right way. And I know which one needs to end or to be nurtured.

The biggest shift came during the class when Gabriel and I met. We were just weeks into the program. Tim’s class is not a dating class. Neither I nor Gabriel took it that way either. It just ‘happened’ for us to be there in the same time. The most beautiful thing in our case was that we both knew what the class was for and we each had our own inner work.

We both had our share of toxic relationships, we were both over-givers. Thanks to our own experiences and Tim’s lessons we were aware of the traps and obstacles in a love relationship.

Gabriel and I were indeed ready for a new relationship. After all we’d been through, and learned from life and Tim, we both had a clear idea of what we really want to have in life, what kind of person we want to attract, what kind of love life and family life we want to live. We were ready to give it all to make it.

He was the one who was hit by the realization that we are meant for each other, we are ‘THE ONE’ for each other. It took me a while to see it though LOL.

Since March 2016 we’ve been living the healthiest, strongest, balanced and miraculous relationship ever. We’re growing together, lifting each other up, giving and living in balance. Both of us feel peaceful, happy, safe, respected, loved, appreciated and supported. We’re both healing. It’s way easier to heal when we’ve created a sacred space in our family.

We have great communication and we are the best friends ever. We’re not hurting each other, we don’t feel hurt anymore. We’re always looking to be in balance and harmony; this is something you create and nurture for life. At least we see it that way.

My relationship with Gabriel has been put to the test. Life has tested our love, patience and will to be together and live together. Every single day life if proving us we ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. That is why we shall always fight for this love, this relationship and the dreams we’re building together. I am really grateful for my friends, Tim’s class and meeting Gabriel.

“And… Gabriel proposed to me! Of course I said…. YES!”

I wish you all to love and be loved, to live a balanced life and love! Miracles can happen. Both Gabriel and I are living one!

Andrea Resanesco

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