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WHY am I giving away thousands of dollars just to meditate with us??

It’s simple. We need to raise the energetic vibration of humanity NOW.

When we meditate TOGETHER for the SAME reason we dramatically increase our ability of receiving our wishes. AND we radiate that positive energy out to the whole of humanity!

We go from “Me” To “WE”

People have improved their health, received tens of thousands of dollars, new jobs, and even found their soulmate during our group meditations.

This short video explains the power of meditating and visualizing together:


“I had been out of work for almost a year and within a month of our meditations, I accepted my first job offer.”

“I thought I was going to be single forever… But, I got engaged in 5 months after our meditations!” ~Now, married with twins.

“We have a retreat center in Costa Rica and were looking to find a trustworthy employee. During the meditations, we found him! And he’s been amazing” :)

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