Tasha Found Love

I believe the bravest thing I’ve overcome this year has been trusting that everything will be okay when it comes to following my heart. That being said, the last few weeks I’ve been in transition of moving to my new home sweet home in Charlotte, NC. 2,030 miles away from my family and loved ones in South Weber, UT. It’s been an adventure and then some getting here. I think that I’ve finally started to settle in with the idea that the city of Charlotte is what I’ll be exploring for the next year. Not only Charlotte but my significant other as well.

That’s right.

The sole reason I’m in Charlotte started out with my boyfriend and I wanting to explore our relationship to see what else is in store for us. We’ve remained acquainted over the last 3 years and it wasn’t until last Christmas when we both started to consciously realize that it wasn’t just lust that brought us together the night we met. I made the decision to follow my heart when it came to a romantic love. So far it’s been one of my most exhilarating decisions. I read somewhere on the Internet that when you move in with someone that it can alter the whole “getting to know you” phase of the relationship in a negative manner which I find to be absolutely rubbish. In truth, my human and I have been getting to know each other at warp speed. Anyway – besides the whole falling in love with someone, I’m super thrilled to relocate in a new state where I can do more adventuring and exploring. The transition is difficult because I’m thinking about all of my habits that I used to have in Utah and wanting to bring them here as well.

Yoga has been the biggest one. UGGGGGH! I need to go to a yoga class pronto. There’s something about the atmosphere of meditating with a group of people who are harnessing and creating the same energy as you.

Gatlin, my boyfriend, is the first guy that I find myself moving across the world willingly for, my first man that I’m confident will take care of me more than I can possibly imagine. He’s my everything and allows me to feel secure that I will be able to remain me. I feel like many lose themselves in all sorts of relationships. I base that off of my own personal experiences because I’ve done that. I’ve sacrificed getting to be myself in order to be with someone who loved the surface of me. Sure I’ve had romantic interests in the past that I poured out my heart for; however, I’ve never had someone pour out their heart to be as vulnerably and genuinely as I have. I finally feel that I’m in love with someone at the same time that they are in love with me. No gimmicks.

I find it interesting that after coaching with Tim Hastings, that I was able to love myself as I always wished to, and find the love of my life. Thank you, Tim. He helped me realize the power of gratitude and intention setting which has amplified my life more than tenfold. I do feel like my adventure for seeking love is over because the truth is, I always had it instilled in me. Self-love, self-respect, and self-awareness have manifested some truly incredible miracles in my life. I feel the need to be a constant advocate of loving yourself. When you decide to focus on loving yourself no matter what, you begin to see how precious you really are. That’s how you cherish yourself and others. Self-love ROCKS!

That being said, I do not believe in the “love yourself or nobody will” juju because that is not something I like to carry in my thoughts. People will always love you even when you aren’t loving yourself. Please believe that. It breaks my heart that some truly don’t believe they are loved or cared about. There were plenty of times in my life when I just couldn’t stomach loving myself; however, my support group never failed to show me love. Their love was demonstrated in thousands of ways. Although I rejected their love many times, they continued to shine love in my life allowing a sliver of light to keep me going in those dark times.

My heart is so full. Change isn’t easy but it’s TOTALLY worth embracing.

I’m sending everyone good juju and wishing that wherever you are in that you are embracing change, setting great intentions for yourself, and embarking on your own authentic adventure. As David Wolfe always says, have the best day EVER!!!

Tasha Cottam

AN EXCITING UPDATE to Tasha’s story! It’s now a year after she wrote this and she is engaged! Congratulations Tasha!

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