Kellee and Jay got Married

I attended a tele-course by Tim Hastings in the Autumn of 2013 along with some personal coaching sessions in tandem. I had been working with Tim on several issues of stress in my life. What I learned was that I was limiting myself- doing it to myself. His care in listening to me, as well as providing me with easy and potent tools have helped me to redefine my life, priorities and belief systems.

I identified where I was giving away time and energy that I could be using to further my own goals, be healthier, and become more relaxed. I learned how to reprioritize my energy and focus so I could get very clear about exactly what it was I needed to be healthy, and live a more abundant life

As a stressed out, sick and busy entrepreneur in the yoga/fitness/personal healing industry, I had found that my energy was seeming to go out to my clients and community more than I was getting in return.  I was exhausted, sad, feeling unwell, and I was suffering because I just didn’t know how to manage everything.

Tim, in his very down to earth, and straightforward way, gave me a handful of powerful tools and guidelines for creating clear goals. He taught me about restructuring my time to make room in my busy world to manifest my goals. Tim’s ability to see clearly into my situation and get right to the meat of what I needed to do made me believe in him enough to embark on this journey, which was surprisingly successful. I am still blown away that such simple tools could work so well. The results started happening pretty much immediately. He showed me none of this had to be difficult!

After one tele-course and some private sessions, I was able to start setting clear, tangible boundaries around my time and giving to others. This cleared more space to be able to relax, de-stress, and create a blueprint for financial abundance and emotional time to replenish.

And of course to bring in the most amazing relationship to my life…

I was only a few months out of a very challenging relationship that was incredibly taxing in which I was unceremoniously asked to move out with little warning or support. It was a difficult time, as I had to rent a room from someone I found on Craigslist. Talk about humbling!

Within a month of the tele-course, I had manifested the most incredible apartment which, for the money, is outrageously well provisioned- new, green construction, conscious community, with working space inside for $695 per month! How could such a place even exist? Amazing!

My consulting business began thriving again, as I got more focused too. I was quickly on my way to formally launching a successful new avenue of my vocation, which I had no idea how to market at that point.

Now, for the best news…

Within just two months of the course, I met the man of my dreams!

It’s now two years later, and we married just a couple months ago! Jay and I are so perfect for one another, and we have such a deep bond of love for each other. We both share a love for singing and playing music, which I haven’t had in a relationship before. We create beautiful melodies as we harmonize our hearts and lives together. I’ve never met anyone like him before. We both feel so lucky and blessed to have found one another. It’s never too late!

We were so grateful for Tim’s course that we asked him to marry us! And what a beautiful ceremony it was. Such lovely magic was woven that day.

~Kellee and Jay Erickson


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