When I first came across your class online I had been divorced 3 years and back in the daring scene with not much luck.

My problem was never meeting men it was after getting my hopes up and going on a few dates the guys would turn out to be workaholics with no life/work balance or time to grow a relationship. We would see each other casually and infrequently.

I had tried all the dating sites and was coming across guys all with this same issue. Something inside nudged me, a little voice saying… Don’t you get the message, this cannot be a coincidence, but I didn’t know what to do about it.

So being beyond frustrated I took some time out of the dating scene but was sad and lonely. Why did other people seem to find love so easily and I just couldn’t find the right “one” for me??!!

I was determined to figure this out. It’s then I saw an ad for Tim’s Finally Finding the One class. The more I read the more that voice inside my head said~ “This is the answer”.

I didn’t know what to expect but was compelled to join. The piece I realized I was missing was Self Love!!!!

“I was attracting men who didn’t value themselves and their own time and that was mirroring back to me”

The class offers so much group support and I learned to love myself first which was my missing piece.

Shortly after finishing the class I met two wonderful men and am taking my time and following my heart! This was possible because I shifted going through the course and so did the people showing up in my life.

Another side effect of the self love was I was offered 2 jobs. Everything is showing up in pairs!!!!! What a sign. I am extremely happy with the actual changes showing up in my life! Thanks Tim!

Marie Aldrich

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